Neues Fördermitglied: PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

PRISMA is the major marketplace in Europe for booking and trading gas capacity. We facilitate European gas market integration by operating a gas capacity trading platform.

We are a young international team working for a common goal: making fair markets happen. We want to be a driving force in establishing a fair, transparent and integrated market that’s truly beneficial for both economy and society. Our success is nurtured by a simple drive: we want to get things done in the best way possible.

In 2019, we are assembling our inhouse team of Software Engineers from scratch, having hired a number of experienced engineers. Our goal is to take over responsibility for building and operating the PRISMA platform from our external service provider. Now we are looking for new talent.

Warum seid ihr Fördermitglied der JUG Saxony geworden? „At PRISMA, we believe in the power of communities and sharing knowledge. We open our doors in Leipzig for meet-ups and initiatives which help us to get better and learn from each other. In September, our team gave a talk at JUG Day Saxony and they had a great day. We are looking forward to even foster the collaboration with JUG Saxony.“

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